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C-TEC (Career & Technology Education Centers of Licking County)

C-TEC (Career & Technology Education Centers of Licking County)



About Us

The majority of tomorrow’s jobs will require people to have technical training. Many careers require some post-secondary education or college, but not necessarily a traditional, four-year college degree. The technical curriculum at C-TEC's high school directly prepares students to enter the workforce AND a two or four-year college degree program.

Many adults want to upgrade their skills and credentials faster, better, and cheaper. Many employers want the same for their workers and they want it around the clock. C-TEC’s Adult Education Center provides all of that along with superior customer service.

At C-TEC we help our students make successful transitions, regardless of their stage in life. Our mission is clear: to….”provide all learners with academic and technical skills needed for career opportunities and continuous learning.”


Adult Ed Welding program
Adult Ed LMT program
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Adult Ed Enroll today
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Ad Ed Healthcare program
Adult Ed Power Lineman program
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