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Located 3 miles east of New Albany, Ohio, the owners had a vision for Kennel Club USA of a single facility where their Champion show dogs could exercise, be properly trained, be professionally groomed, and board without anxiety and stress. They wanted a peaceful, park-like setting away from highways, busy intersections, and urban congestion. The result is a clean and beautiful facility more reminiscent of a fine Kentucky thoroughbred stable than a dog kennel. Whatever your needs, Kennel Club USA is here to serve the Columbus, Ohio community.After business hours, the gates entering our property are closed and the entire property is monitored and secured for fire and theft by Monotronics Security.Our entire facility (10,000 sq.ft.) is sanitized and disinfected daily with the same veterinary grade products used in animal surgical hospitals to kill bacteria and maintain a safe and sterile environment.Water and food bowls are changed and sanitized daily.There are two separate kennel ''wings''. Each is divided into two separate rooms. There are four separate heating and air conditioning systems to minimize the spread of airborne viruses. In addition, each of the four systems is equipped with auxiliary ventilation that is controllable to bring in up to 12 complete fresh air changes per hour.Dogs not participating in our Daycamp programs are walked in a grassy area a minimum of 3 times per day. Medications are given at no extra charge.You are welcome to bring your own food as changing a dog's diet will often cause digestive problems.You are welcome to bring personal items such as toy

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